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So being pregnant for the third time I’m feeling pretty confident on what we actually need for a newborn baby and what is really just a waste of money! Over the last 7 years with babies number one and two, I have seen in store, been recommended and read about so many baby gadgets and most of them are really not “essential” and honestly just clutter up the house only to be donated once realizing how useless they actually are 🙂 I have rounded up 21 new baby essentials.

To say I have been relaxed about the baby preparation this third time around would be an under statement, with my first I was painting the nursery to-be at 12 weeks, with the third I am just getting around to preparing with 6 weeks to go…but I like to think of myself as orgainzed and prepared most of the time so these last 7 years have allowed me to keep the past baby essentials and get rid of those things I definitely do not need, so I dont have so much to prepare right now.

This time around I did register for items I needed on Amazon (not that i am having a shower this time) but more because it

a) allowed me to use it as a check list

b) give any friends or relatives any easy way to buy for the baby

c) Amazon offers fast shipping if you have Amazon Prime and gives you a 15% completion discount on all remaining items on your registry that have not been bought after baby arrives. *A welcome box is also sent out once your registry is completed*

Below are my 15 all time essentials which I have bought on Amazon myself and would definitely recommend:

*Some of the links below are affiliate links and by clicking on them I may make a small profit from them


    1. Baby Wrap// I found this to be great and really conveinient in the early days when baby is still so new and wanting to be held, a lot. This gave me the freedom to still butter that toast or put some laundry in the machine whilst carrying baby with me.
    2. Bottle Sterilizer// If you plan to use bottles a sterilizer is essential and this Avent sterilizer was easy to use and clean making it my favourite (note this one works best if used with these Avent bottles)
    3. Nursing Pillow// This was a new purchase for me this time around. I also have 2 of the regular, more squishy pillows/doughnuts/cushions, whatever you want to call it, but this one is much much firmer and supports the baby better so that he/she doesn’t keep slipping down and you find yourself leaning forward (not good for the posture)
    4. Halo Bassinet// Again another new purchase for me this time. We have had our past 2 sons sleep in a bassinet until 3 or 4 months next to our bed so a bassinet is a must for me! Sheets for the Halo can be bought here and here and a mattress protector here. This one is bed height and can be pulled up right next to the bed so you can reach in and pick baby up. For the product i used last time see here
    5. Car Seat// This one is really a matter of preference and what works with your stroller etc. I’ve stuck with Maxi Cosi each time as it also works (with adaptors) on our Bugaboo stroller and Mini City Jogger stroller.
    6. Ergo Baby Carrier// I did quite a bit of research in to this last time I was pregnant and I liked this one a lot as baby can also face outwards a well as inwards. My son was born at 9lbs 10 oz so fitted in to this straight away but with smaller babies you will need to get this insert so that they fit better until a bit bigger. This one was used so much, especially for travel, that it will be coming out again this time around too. *note not all of the carriers have the facing forward option*
    7. Humidifier// We have had a few of these in various rooms in our house at some point and we love these kid inspired designs. Great for times when the air is a little dry in the winter and there are snuffly noses in our house.
    8. Rock N Play// This saved me in the first few months of my second sons life! He would not sleep unless I was holding him so hence I was not getting any sleep either until I bought this and then he went right to sleep, he just loved the rocking motion (manual) or the vibration feature and it felt so snuggly that he felt so secure in it.
    9. Diaper Bin//In my opinion those people who say you dont need this are crazy, who wants to be walking out to the garbage everytime you change a about 10 times a day! This was my second buy as the first brand i had did not keep any nasty smell in – this brand does and you will also need these bag refills
    10. Dock A Tot sleeper// Another new purchase for me this time around as I love the idea that baby can sleep in this pretty much anywhere and feel safe.
    11. Car Seat Foot Muff//If like me you are having a winter baby then this is a great buy for keeping him or her warm whilst in the seat and lessens the need fr bundling up in a coat and taking on and off in the car
    12. Pockit Compact Stroller// THE BEST stroller for TRAVELLING!! I just recently came across this and it has been a game changer when travelling. It folds down so compactly that it fits in a shoulder bag and can go under the seat or in an overhead bin on the plane easily. No more waiting at the plane door for your stroller to appear!!

  1. Nose Frida//We have tried a few different types of this nose gadget over the last few years and this one is the winner, great for clearing out a sniffly nose as easily as possible
  2. Noise Machine// Another device I have tried different variations of and this was the best so far, I also liked that this brand is lightweight and small enough that it is easy to throw in the suitcase and travel with.
  3. Baby Swing Chair// So this one is more on the pricier side and it is a it heavier than some but it looks good, is quiet and best of all baby likes it


So I said 15 but let’s face it, these little human beings do require quite a few more things in their first few months of life so I am listing here below some of my other fave products to use:

16. WubbaNub Pacifier// Not everyone chooses to introduce a pacifier but if you do this one is my suggestion. Not only is it incredibly cute (comes in many different animal designs) but the animal part of this actually site on babys chest and makes it easier to stay i their mouth

17. Swaddle Designs Muslin Squares// Useful for alsorts of things from spit up to protecting yourself and clothes whilst feeding or the bigger version is a good cover up whilst nursing or light baby blanket

18. Baby Bib Bandanas// Just cuter than regular bibs and can be worn as part of an outift whilst acting as a bib!

19. Baby Thermometer// Another product we have tried different versions of and whilst this is on the higher end price wise it has proven to be the best so far and it is hospital grade

20. Halo Sleepsack Swaddler// If you intend to give swaddling a go this is as easy as it gets. Personally I couldnt master the art of successful swaddling and baby keeping it on and then I found this and the job is done for you with velcro and zip

21. Summer Infant Changing Pad//  A necessity for changing diapers and lets face it, you will be doing this numerous times a day! I recommend buying at least 2 or more of these or these covers which can easily be switched out for washing.

*All the above products are items I own and have used previously so if you have any questions please throw them my way and I will be happy to answer them for you! – Laura x




5 thoughts on “New Baby Essentials

  1. I LOVED my ergo when my daughter was little. It was so helpful for the smallest things like taking the dog out to pee or just getting laundry done if she was fussy. Those are all great must-haves!

  2. I second all these especially the DockATot. It’s amazing the things that each baby likes and then how some things work for one baby and not another! Great list. Pinning for next time (goodness help me it’ll be #5!!).

  3. These are all great options! Boppy is my nursing pillow of choice, and I’m crazy about Tula baby carriers- I have a ring sling and a soft structured carrier. Also love the Dockatot and Wubbanub. It’s funny how much more relaxed we get after the first!

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