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So let me start off by saying I am not much of a cook, at all, my husband would certainly testify to that (good thing he likes to cook, lucky me!!) If I do attempt to make something in the kitchen baking is more my thing, I have such a sweet tooth. These instances are few and far between how ever, so when I saw Cakest’s DIY cake kit the idea of making my boys’ birthday cakes was so exciting to me, but also kind of daunting. Every year when Autumn comes around and my sons’ birthdays run in consecutive months, September and October, I often fantasize about what type of birthday cake I am going to make them after hours of perusing Pinterest, but when it comes down to it I always take the easy way out and just send that years theme (chosen by the boys) off to a cake shop to have made and ready for me to pick up..oh so easy but where is the satisfaction in that?

The idea of a make your own birthday cake kit in a box, complete with tools and ingredients (apart from the eggs of course, cream cheese and powdered sugar) and a step by step how to guide seemed so appealing and so, once my box from Cakest arrived, I got started. My 2 year old was also keen to get in on some cake making once he heard the word “birthday cake” being thrown around, little did he realise the party was still a couple of months away but he was excited non the less.

After the initial “turn on the oven”, “grease the pan” and “mix together the ingredients” and “pour in to tin” were all put in to place and the cake was in the oven to bake, it was time to make the frosting, my favourite part! The cakes were taken out, left to cool and then frosting genorously layered in the centre and around the outside of the cake. Then came the more challenging part – the fondant! Never in my life have i used fondant and this was the hardest part for me, or so I thought, but surprisingly after a bit of kneading and rolling it was looking in good shape and lay beautifully over the cake, the hardest part was done. Next, and this was the most time consuming part in my opinion, the giraffe with spots, eye lashes and all was to  be made. This is where Cakest really is a cake kit in a box as templates were provided to be cut around to make the perfect giraffe look,  as well as the leaves and with a bit of creativity i moulded the eyes and giraffe spots and everything came together. My husbands response when he saw my creation – “Did you make that?!!” (Did I say I wasnt much of  cook?)

Overall I was so impressed with what I had created and best of all it tasted delicious and I would certainly feel proud to present this at my sons’ birthday parties. The feeling of knowing I had created something that the boys were also impressed and excited about was certainly worth the couple of hours I spent in the kitchen and if you fancy making your own birthday cakes from now on I certainly recommend ordering one of Cakest’s kits and with so many different designs to choose from for boys  and girls you are certain to find something for your next celebration!

*Many thanks to Cakest for allowing me to make one of their fabulous cakes and as always all thoughts and opinions are my own – Laura

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