Little Spoon

Little Spoon is an organic, homemade, baby food delivery company who deliver delicious, nutrient packed food for your little ones straight to your front door, every other week with a no commitment, no hassle guarantee.

My delivery arrived in a cute turquoise and white box and was waiting for me when i got home on my doorstep with insulated, ice packaging to keep your order nice and cold and ready to be transferred straight to the fridge. My delivery contained 8 little individually portioned out containers filled with fresh looking various flavours and a disposable little plastic spoon, with each container, for easy on the go feeding. All 8 containers were perfectly packed inside an adorable little cooler bag tote which we have already used on another outing as it is so convienient to take out and about with you. My 2 year olds favourite out of all the delicious flavours to try was the apple sauce and with such a variety to try from, such as – kale carrot and pear, beat banana and mango and pear pear and mint to name but a few, we know he will be getting some veg and fruit which is so needed in all our diets everyday.

Little Spoon’s thinking behind the individually portioned out meals is that eating with a spoon over sucking store bought baby food that is to be sucked out of a pouch, has various benefits, such as:

  • Helps your baby learn to chew
  • Encourages development of oral muscles
  • Allows the learning of important life habits
  • Allows your baby to experience more textured foods
  • Risk of choking
  • Allows baby to self feed

How Does It Work?

Go on the Little Spoon website and request an invite code. Fill out a short, quick survey with your details and zip code and they will add you to their contact list for when a spot opens up to be added to their service.

Want to get on their schedule quicker?!

Follow them on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter and get bumped up the list!

What’s next?

Once on Little Spoon’s delivery schedule pick and plan a nutritiously perfect meal that best fits your child, with the option to cancel, skip or modify your delivery schedule at any time with no charge!

*Thank you to Little Spoon for allowing us to taste these wonderful products.

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