The Health Benefits of Manuka Honey


Do you know how many health benefits manuka raw honey has and how it benefits your health??

Being a Brit I like to drink tea and up until recently I would add sugar to my tea until my husband introduced me to the idea of adding honey instead, now I add it to every cup with Wedderspoon’s Raw Manuka Honey.

“Raw honey is simply honey that has been lightly filtered and gently warmed for creaming without pasteurization, and will contain naturally occurring bee pollen, beeswax, and propolis.

In contrast to pasteurized honeys, our raw honey also has naturally occurring live enzymes – and every jar is traceable back to the master beekeeper in New Zealand.

Here at Wedderspoon we believe in delivering only the best, which is why all of our honey is always kept in its natural state, raw and unpasteurized.

Manuka Honey is one of the miracles of nature.” – Wedderspoon

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There are many benefits of honey:

-Low stomach acid, acid reflux

-Acne & Eczema

-Staph Infections

-Burns, Wounds & Ulcers

-Tooth decay & Gingivitis

-Sore Throats & Immunity – my favourite, whenever I feel a sore throat coming on I make sure to add extra honey to my tea, smoothie or cereal to help boost my immune system

-Allergies & Sinusitis

-Beauty Treatment & Health Booster

-Improves Sleep

Giving kids with a cough honey before bed coats and soothes the back of the throat, thinning mucus and reducing the cough.

Wedderspoon makes some great products and I have been lucky enough to try a few (pictured).

The night cream with bee venom and rose hip oil is a great cream to apply right before bed. Manuka honey is a natural humectant that draws moisture to the skin to enhance its elasticity, giving your face a firm, brighter and youthful look and the bee venom works to stimulate and reduce the appearance of fine lines for smoother and firmer skin.

Wedderspoon’s trio of lip balms come in three delicious smelling flavours and contain manuka honey, shea butter and cocoa butter delivering rich moisture to nourish your lips.

To find out more about the benefits of raw manuka honey and see Wedderspoon’s other products visit:


*Thank you to Wedderspoon for giving me the opportunity to try and review these products – as always, all opinions and thoughts are my own – Laura


11 thoughts on “The Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

  1. I love raw honey. My parents keep bees and I swear by it as a cold remedy. Local honey is good but this sounds like another great option and so healthy. Thanks for sharing- I’m going to see if I can find this brand here.

    1. I have had seasonal allergies for years now and I use Manuka honey in my tea every morning and I think it is actually helping. I knew honey had some great properties but I didnt realise how many until i started writing this, now I am hooked!

  2. I was never a big fan of honey until I discovered a local variety that I adore. I definitely need to give Manuka honey a try ^^. Thanks for the inspiration 😊

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. We use the manuka honey all the time now, i wasnt fully aware of all the benefits until recently either, now we are hooked!

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