An Everyday Diaper Bag

Hi Everyone!

I have been lucky enough this week to get my hands on one of these backpacks by Danielika and this past weekend it made its first outing with kids, soccer balls and camp chairs in tow out to the coast.

As child number 2 is now firmly out of diapers (or nappies as we refer to them in England) you would think the amount of “stuff”  needed to be carted from event, to shop to car to kids classes would lessen with a 2 year old versus a baby, but some how I find myself still needing an extra 20 minutes each morning, before we even reach the car, to get everything together for our day away from the house. With our first child I was gifted a diaper bag and as pretty as it was and as new to this parenting business as I was I thought that lugging around an over sized, over bulging, one strapped, shoulder digging bag was just how it all went and digging around in the bottom of said bag searching for bibs/bottles/wipes/pacifiers/tissues (insert here what you will) was part of the baby day until that is i came across diaper backpacks and hand free parenting!!

The Danielika bag isnt just like any regular backpack.. with 12 pockets, main spacious compartment, changing mat, 2 straps to attach to a stroller and even a place to attach your keys, this bag of fabulousness is going to have you completely organised and even stress free on your next trip out with the kiddos!

Available through Amazon you can purchase your at  using code YJ7ZZGAH (exclusively for readers of this blog) and receive 15% off your order!

This post is in collaboration with Danielika, with all posts opinions are my own.

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