The Bagnet Company

What an invention! I love this idea and was so so excited to come across The Bagnet Company.

If like me you hate to put your bag down on the floor, any floor (I never do it) or like that scenario when you go to use a public restroom and there is nowhere to hang your bag, at all (!) then this is right up your street. This little invention will forever more be a part of your bag, when you leave the house, for a day with the kids, night on the town or an out of town trip and will help you out in so many of those situations.

This little device has 2 magnets inside so that it is bendy and flexible and allows the Bagnet to bend in the middle. Start by breaking the magnet in by bending and flexing the Bagnet to soften and loosen the leather and always hang with logo on the frontside to get maximum magnet usage. The Bagnet has an O-ring whereby you simply bend the clip inwards to clip on to your bag handle to hang it anywhere and then hang it from the inside of the bag for ease of use when out and about. Genius!

This timeless classic looking piece comes in a beautiful array of genuine leather colours, click here to shop the Bagnet online and follow The Bagnet Company on Instagram or Facebook to receive 20% off your order or use code FOLLOW20!

The Bagnet is now a firm fixture hanging on my bag when I leave the house to go anywhere!

*Thank you to The Bagnet Company for allowing me the opportunity to review this piece, as always all thoughts and opinions are completely my own – Laura

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