Bellefit for Postpartum Recovery

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Ever wondered what a post partum corset is and if it really helps with  your recovery and in getting your figure back after baby arrives? Or which type and brand are worth using and do what they claim to do?

I started using the Bellefit corset 10 days after I had a c-section with our 3rd child. The Bellefit Postpartum Girdles and Corsets are medical-grade abdominal compression binders and there are 5 different styles of corset so always go online first to the website and work out which one is best for you (also make sure to use my $20 off code – see bottom of page!)

This is something I had used in the past after my last 2 pregnancies (and c-sections) but both times I used different brands and in my opinion they were not at all as effective as I have found Bellefit to be. The first time around I used something that was more of a big wide velcro belt that went around the midrif and hips to cinch them in, but I soon found this to be a huge pain as it would ride up every time i sat down and moved out of place, this got to be sooo annoying! The second time I used a much larger version of this that also wrapped around and did up with Velcro but covered the hips and stomach and came up to the top of the rib cage – again this was uncomfortable and moved around and constantly needed readjusting, not something you want to be doing when out in public! Third time around was certainly was a charm for me and I can’t recommend Bellefit’s corset enough!

The Bellefit Corset is adjustable and has two rows of hook and eye closures in the front that are separated by an inch apart so you can tighten the girdle when additional compression is needed as you start to feel trimmer in your recovery. The hook and eye closures are designed with the C-Section incision in mind but it is a great one to wear with a c-section or natural birth and it stays in place, doesn’t need adjusting and most importantly, is comfortable to wear!

The Bellefit corset comes in 5 sizes – XS, S, M, L & XL and I started off in the large and within 30 days I feel I am ready to move on to the medium. I am on day 30 of wearing mine and the recommended period is a minimum of 3 months. I feel it is a constant reminder to pull my core in which in turn helps to tighten those muscles that get weakened during pregnancy.

Below you can see my photos starting with when I first started wearing the corset on day 1, then 10 days postpartum and up until today, January 15th, a month later. I still have a way to go but so far feel the corset has been a huge help in getting my pre baby figure back, reminding me to sit and stand with a better posture and combined with exercise, which I can begin after my 6 week check up, helps to speed up the process of regaining my figure even more.

I think that we always have to remember that pregnancy does change our bodies though and getting a pre preganancy figure back completely isn’t going to happen a lot of the time, certainly after having 3 children, but the Bellefit certainly helped me in so many ways to support me on my quest to regain my figure to be the best I can after our baby arrived.

Day 1

Day 1

Day 10

Day 15

Day 15

Day 30

Day 30


Day 30 – under clothes


When ordering here make sure to use my $20 discount code LAURA20 

If you want to ask any questions or advice on how I found mine to be or how I wear it just drop me an email ( and I will be happy to tell you about my experiences!

Also, make sure to watch my Instagram stories @thebritinboston for updates and progress photos as I carry on wearing my corset for the next few months


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